Our Winemaker Sean chats ..

One area of South Hill remains firmly open and that’s our wine cellar. Winemaker Sean and his team have been busy since harvest but we caught up with him before pruning starts to get an update on how things are looking on the wine side:
“Well winter it seems has finally arrived and like our 2021 harvest it too has taken its time, as we are already past the winter solstice! The unseasonably warm weather has however helped warm some of the tanks of red that have yet to finish malolactic fermentation, which has been welcome. This final hurdle needs to be crossed before they can be ‘put to bed’ safely in their barrels to quietly mature for the next year or so.
With the stocks of our 2020 Sauvignon Blanc almost completely depleted, the bottling of our 2021 vintage has come just in time and is already showing enormous promise with punchy aromatics of passion fruit and blackcurrant paired with a dangerously accessible palate! It’s always daunting following a cracker of a vintage and the 2020 Sauvignon Blanc won over a whole new cohort of fans for South Hill, but I have a feeling that the 2021 will raise the bar even higher. It will spend the next couple of weeks resting and should be released by the end of July, so watch this space!”
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