With our 2022 harvest just around the corner we are both relieved and pleased to report that despite the cool and generally ‘damp’ summer, our vineyards are disease free and looking wonderfully healthy. The cooler weather has also meant that our harvest dates are likely to be around a week later than last year (which was also around a week later than the previous vintage) but if we get more heat like last weekend, things could speed up rapidly!

As it stands, we expect to start with our Pinot Noir around the middle of February and should be kept busy until the Cabernet Sauvignon comes off in early April. Harvest season is a fantastically vibrant time to visit, and we would love to welcome you to South Hill over the next few months.

We invite you to join us for harvest time over the next 3 months – if you would like to book a group for harvest and lunch, please contact info@southhill.co.za – these are often great team building activities. Bookings essential. 

Sandy, Kevin and Nick King, and the South Hill team