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South Hill is located at the south eastern end of the Elgin Valley, seven and a half kilometers from the N2 highway along The Valley Road.


If the general climate of Elgin is considered uniquely well suited to the growing of premium quality grapes, then the meso-climate on South Hill is even more so. With no shortage of water in the valley and a high annual rainfall, the Elgin area is the envy of many farmers in this generally arid land of ours. Although South Hill has the benefits of plentiful water, being in a rain shadow means that we have a third of the annual rainfall of farms in the north western part of the valley.

The drip irrigation in all of our vineyards can therefore be viewed as an insurance policy rather than a necessity and allows for greater manipulation of the vines in the pursuit of excellent quality fruit.

The topography of the farm has aspects ranging from gentle north slopes which, being warmer, are ideally suited to Cabernet Sauvignon, to steep south facing blocks perfect for varieties which require a very cool ripening season such as Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

The underlying philosophy behind the redevelopment of the farm has been to capitalise on the natural beauty in a way that is sensitive to the surroundings. Policy decisions such as the planting of only indigenous trees and plants as well as the rehabilitation of natural fynbos were made at an early stage. The proximity of the Koggelberg nature and biosphere reserve, which has over 1500 different plant species, only enhances the importance of ecological responsibility which is so important to us as custodians of this idyllic area.

With spectacular surroundings, and abundant bird and wild life, it is sometimes hard to believe such serenity can be found so close to Cape Town and just five minutes drive from the busy N2. Once experienced, you too will realise that this tranquil piece of paradise will not remain the Cape's best kept secret for much longer.

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